Understanding Guinea Pig Noises [Communication & Meanings]

Guinea pigs are incredibly talkative animals that are able to interact with one another through a succession of squeaks, grunts, and other noises. People have come up with several names for guinea pigs that describe the noises that they make, such as chut, rumble, wheek, and a great deal of other names. When they are in the presence of other animals or people, they have a tendency to make more noise than normal. It is well worth the time and effort to learn these various noises and to decipher what they signify. The following is a list of some of the different noises that guinea pigs can make:

* Chattering teeth- guinea pigs noises like this is a way to imply their reason for concern. If this sound is made around humans it totally means that they are frightened. It also means that you have to wait seconds before you can touch them. You also have to stay away first from them.

* Wheeking- this is noise on a high pitched squeak and whistle. This is used to warn danger from other animals and can also means a cry for attention. You can usually hear this noise when they are hungry. This is also an expression of a general excitement especially in times of feeding. They also use this sound to find other guinea pigs when lost.

* Purring- guinea pig noises like this when they are happy or when something pleases them. This is also the sound made by a male guinea pig to a female one. This sound is also heard when you are petting them. A purr sound can have more than one meaning, a shorter sound of a purr is often described as a durr sound and they will suddenly becomes stiff and freeze. This is because they might be hearing a sound of a telephone ringing or a knock on the door. They will usually make this kind of noise or just repeat it, depending on what they hear. But some guinea pig makes this noise when they are given veggies.

* Rumble- this sounds like a purring sound, and this happens when a boar is romancing a sow. This is also heard when the female guinea pig is in season. While making this sound, guinea pigs sway their hips and walking around another pig.

* Shrieking- this guinea pigs noises sounds like a sharp, high-pitched wheek, and this means that your guinea pig is suffering from pain or afraid. This is usually heard when a vet gives injection to them or if they have nipped a cage mate.

* Guinea pig song- this sound becomes more legendary to most owner and guinea pig fanciers, and no one really knows the reason of this.

Guinea pigs noises vary on what they want to imply. Their sounds have more than one meaning and some sounds are similar but if you are that keen listener you will know the distinction from one noise to another. The difference of the sounds is also observed in their body language.

There are many sounds that cavy can make and the above guinea pigs noises are just a few of them. Learn to recognize guinea pigs noises, so whenever you hear them making sound, you know what it means, for in every noise they make there is a meaning that they want to convey.

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