Sexing Guinea Pigs Beginners Guide

Any age is appropriate for sexually maturing guinea pigs. It is essential to have an accurate understanding of the sex of the guinea pigs in order to avoid unplanned or unwanted pregnancies. Even when they are young, guinea pigs are capable of reproducing quickly. It is recommended that the sex be determined at around two weeks of life if this species matures sexually at a young age. When purchasing guinea pigs from a pet store, you should have been aware of the possibility that the sows, even very young ones, were already carrying young. If you educate yourself on how to determine the gender of a guinea pig, you will be in a better position to decide which one to welcome into your home.

There are a few different signals that can be used to determine whether or not the guinea pig is male or female. Do not bring your pet into a pet store if you are unsure of the gender of your animal companion. Instead, consult the services of a qualified and experienced veterinarian. There are numerous anecdotes that support the assertion that some veterinarians get to the incorrect decision while sexing guinea pigs. Be important to take your pet to a veterinarian who is experienced in establishing the gender of animals, particularly guinea pigs, especially if you plan to breed them. The following is a list of some additional approaches that can assist you in identifying the gender of the guinea pigs.

* Calm your pet and hold it close to your body. Communicate with your pet and gently stroke its hair.

* Hold them gently but firm. Place its one hand under its rump and also put the other hand in its chest.

* Stand closely to a mirror and pull your pet upward. Its back should be against your chest, a way that should expose its underside.

* You can make use of your rump holding hands to spread your pets back legs. Examine the genital area. For female or sows the vagina is usually closed to a hymen except during heat and at birthing. For male boars, press gently the above genitals. If it is a male, you will be able to extrude the penis slowly. You should not be fooled because sometimes, it doesn’t look like there is a penis. Most especially to those who are older males, their penis sometimes tucked away in folds of skin looking like a female. Try to get the penis out with ease.

* To be assured, look also for the Y-shaped opening in their genitals. In sexing guinea pigs, sows have a smooth area in the skin in the crook of a Y. Male guinea pigs has a penis head, which is similar to a small and round button of a skin. For older male guinea pigs, these are more evident under the Y.

* If you are uncertain still, female guinea pigs’ Y open more fully and the male penile shaft will easily expose when the genital area is gently tabbed.

Sexing guinea pigs can be tough but you should know how to do it to prevent unwanted pregnancies and rapid multiplication of your pets. Guinea pigs are best raise when they have the same sex. Knowing the proper way to determine the sex of your pets would be very beneficial in raising one.

Learning the right way in sexing guinea pigs will help you in taking care of your pets especially when you want to breed or so. This pet can multiply easily even at a very young age, so identifying the right manner in sexing guinea pigs would be a lot essential.

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