Longhaired Guinea Pig Breed As A Pet

The long-haired varieties of guinea pigs are extremely cute and make wonderful pets, although any variety of guinea pig is fine. They are friendly creatures who take great pleasure in being pampered and only seldom bite when provoked. They make a lot of noise, including squeaks and whistles, purrs and grunts, in order to show how eager they are to find out when it is time to be cuddled and fed. It is particularly interesting for owners to discover that they can interact with their pets through their various sounds, which they learn to know.

The typical lifespan of guinea pigs is between five and seven years, but some individuals have been documented to have lived much longer than that. Guinea pigs, regardless of their coat kind or length, are all relatively inexpensive pets to maintain. You simply have to give them with a pleasant and comfortable outdoor hutch or an indoor cage that is the appropriate size and has adequate space for them. If you are considering keeping one of these as a pet, it is recommended that you get two of the same species rather than just one. If you want to avoid getting pregnant, it’s best to pick someone of the same gender. You need to be aware that they prefer not to be alone and would much rather have company. Do not put them in an environment with other animals because they are easily bullied and will likely end up hurt as a result.

How to feed guinea pigs?

Long-haired guinea pigs must be fed with correct diet. There are proper dried foods available in the market that is only for guinea pigs. Guinea pigs are unable to synthesize vitamin C the same manner that human can’t. It is vital to ensure that they always have fresh fruits, grass or vegetables. On winter season, you can put human vitamin C tablet or syrup in their water to ensure that they get proper vitamins. Human tablets are not bad for them, normally vitamin C tablets are water-soluble and their body will just expel it if not needed.

Vegetables and fruits like carrots, cabbages, sprouts, lettuce, parsnips, celery, oranges, apples, pears and others are good for them. Dandelions are also good. Remember, fed them regularly and not too much for some vegetables and fruits contain laxatives which are not good for them. Do not fed them with potatoes. Always put clean and fresh water. It will suit best to put water in a bottle than dish, for dish can easily knocked over and wet their bedding and because long-haired guinea pigs have short necks and their hair is also a factor.

How to take care of them?

* Guinea pigs are easy to clean and care. They only need good and clean beddings that you can also find in pet shops. If you plan to keep them outdoor, straw and hays are good choice. Shredded paper is also nice for it gives warmth to them.

* You need to clean them and their beddings twice a week in order to keep them fresh.

* You have to cut their nails every month but do this with care and ease. Check the pink nerve that you can see in the nails and cut in front of it to avoid hurting them.

* Always observe you pets; teeth and make sure that they have good piece of untreated woods to chew on.

* Always comb their hair for a more pleasing look.

* If long-haired guinea pigs hair begun to fall or you have seen that they are scratching a lot, they may have mites from hays or from other pets. You have to send them to your vet to provide you with medicated shampoo.

Long-haired guinea pigs like other guinea pigs are easily adopted. You do not need to be professional to have one. They can be the best pet that you can have, for they are very social and charming.

Long-haired guinea pigs are inexpensive pet to take care of. You just need to feed them with right diet and give them proper beddings. Long-haired guinea pigs if taken care appropriately will live for more than ten years or so.

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