Is a Cavy The Right Pet For You? [Guinea Pig]

Cavies, which are often commonly referred to as Guinea pigs, make wonderful pets for virtually everyone. Do you think a cavy would be a good pet for you? I suppose that puts the decision-making power in your hands. If you live on a desert island in the tropics with minimal protection from the elements and nothing but salt water to drink, then probably not! If, on the other hand, the thought of a small pet that is loving and affectionate, that thrives in temperatures that are lower than 25 degrees Celsius, and that eats inexpensively appeals to you, then the adorable and cuddly Cavy might be the best option for you.

If you give them a shot, I have no doubt that you will come to adore them just as much as younger children and more senior citizens do. If you are considering the repercussions of having a pet of any kind, the fact that you are asking yourself whether or not a cavy would make a suitable companion indicates that you are doing so. A cavy’s diet will often consist of a variety of foods, including hay, vegetables, fruit, grass, and pellets. It will remain well out of the way of any potential harm, hiding in its dark space until such time as the danger has passed. It is a non-aggressive mammal that would rather go skydiving than have a fight with a hyperactive mouse on steroids. It consumes water, and if you keep it in an outdoor hutch that has a wire covering around the perimeter, it will even mow your lawn for you.

A Cavy will love you, almost unconditionally. It will look to you for protection when it is out of its enclosure, and it will occupy itself by sleeping and eating when in its enclosure. It will have a soft coat of fur, cute little ears, and it will generally be clean, although some of that responsibility will be yours.

Are you still asking is a Cavy the right pet for you, then consider this …. There is no walking a Guinea Pig. You will not find yourself being dragged from the couch by the leg of your trousers, to take him (or her) outside to catch a frisbee. There will be no drenching with soapy water when you wash him. You will not have to put up with fighting animals, unless you have him roaming the back yard and he is spotted by next doors dog! (That could get nasty…) Apart from regular preventative trips to the vet for check ups there should be no major costs for treatments. As yet there are no community Guinea Pig training camps, so that will not be an early morning requirement either.

All in all, if you are looking for a pet that will for the most part take care of itself, but will be there when you need someone to talk to, then I don’t think you need to ask is the cavy the right pet for you. Just go out and get one! I think you will very quickly realize that it was one of your best decisions, and I know that the little Guinea Pig you select will be extremely grateful to you for giving him or her a loving and caring family. And hey, the icing on the cake is that your kids will absolutely adore the new family addition.

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