Guinea Pig Life Span & Health Information

The life expectancy of a Guinea pig can be as long as nine years, although on average they only live between five and seven years. The guinea pig is an animal with the potential to be very gregarious and endearing. Because they are intelligent and easy to train, these animals can be taught to do a variety of feats. Some people are aware of the fact that certain guinea pigs can also live for a period of twelve years. You need to make sure that they get the right nutrition twice a day in order for them to maintain a healthy body weight and to extend their lifespan. The following is a list of suggestions that will assist you in extending the lives of your cherished cavies.

* Give them proper beddings. Pine and cedar bedding smells great, and are available in most pet shops in your locality. But, you should be careful because these products can cause respiratory problems in your pets. These can also trigger liver failure due to the resins contained in the wool. This problem can be very expensive to treat and can be fatal so you should make sure to find beddings that will suit them best to expand guinea pig life span.

* If you consider buying guinea pigs from pet stores, always make sure of the gender of the cavies. You may have bought an immature pregnant female because the staff of the store cannot determine whether it is a male or a female. Remember, the younger a female guinea pig get pregnant the more complications might happen including death. To double guinea pig life span, it is more advisable to get guinea pig from local rescue.

* If you want to consider buying guinea pigs for your child, choose the American Guinea Pig also known as the short-haired cavies. For kids, long-haired guinea pigs are not advisable for its slippery hair can only cause injuries if not observed. Children can not take care of long-haired cavies than adults can. Short-haired guinea pigs will suit your kids best than any other breed.

* To expand guinea pig life span you have to give them proper cage. Cages that you can purchase from the pet shops can probably be cheaper than those cages designed for guinea pigs but it is not advisable. Most cages that are found in pet stores are small and lack proper ventilation. You should remember that your pets need proper beddings and also cages. Small cages will only lead to foul smell that you yourself will hate much. There are many cages available online that are especially designed for guinea pigs.

Domestic guinea pigs must live in cages, cages that are good enough for them. For guinea pig life span to be longer, avoid putting them in a cage that has wire mesh floor for this can cause them foot injury and will lead to complications associated with infection known as the bumble foot.

Guinea pig life span can be doubled if you learn to give them proper diet and shelter, their necessity is very vital to expand guinea pig life span. If you give them the right care and attention they will surely be in good condition and will live longer than five years.

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