Guinea Pig Bedding & Enclosure Information

Different people will use all sorts of materials for guinea pig bedding. Some use towels, some use newspaper, and others use hay and/or straw. The bedding that works best for you will need to be based on the type and size of the cage/hutch enclosure, and the time and budget that you have. Whatever sized enclosure you use, you will need to supply approximately 1 to 2 inches depth, of bedding product.

Recommendations For The Enclosure

It is not recommended to use Cedar shavings as they contain oils which can lead to respiratory problems. Sawdust is too dusty and will interfere with breathing, and corncob bedding which can go moldy. The most common bedding is pine shavings and processed paper, or newspaper. Whatever guinea pig bedding you choose to use, make sure that you clean and/or change it every 3-4 days as a minimum. This avoids any odors building up, and assists with keeping your guinea pig in good health.

Be happy to experiment a little, and take notice of what your pet prefers for guinea pig bedding. I remember my grandmother used to use a mixture of straw and newspaper. The paper would be around qtr of an inch thickness, and would line the base/floor of the cage. Then she would scatter a mixture of straw and shredded newspaper on top of the floor layer, which gave the pets some warmth, and some security. Often when something spooked them, they would take off into their hutch (sleeping area) and dive under the piles of loose straw.

Probably the most important thing is to make sure that the entire sleeping zone is kept clean and healthy. If left too long, the paper or floor layer can start to smell of droppings and urine, and it can get very bad. You will know when it is the right time to change the materials, and it is always good to be preventative rather than reactive. This means, change the guinea pig bedding before it gets to a stage where the odor is strong, rather than being reminded by the odor that it is time to change the bedding.

Old towels are another great source of guinea pig bedding, and if you don’t want to discard them after each suitable period, you can slip them into the washing machine, or wash them by hand just like you would do with your own laundry. Although this may create a little extra work each week, it can save on money.

What To Remember When Taking Care Of Your Pet

Make your guinea pig as comfortable as you possibly can. Make the environment warm, cuddly and free of any dirt or dust. Don’t use anything that is going to attract bugs and insects, and I am sure that your furry little friend will love you forever. Again, if you have any specific questions about what maybe the best bedding for your guinea pig, you can search online for forums or groups that have guinea pigs as their main interest, and you should be able to see what others are doing.

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