Finding the Perfect Pet Guinea Pig For You

If you have come to the conclusion that a guinea pig will be an excellent pet for you, then the next step is to go out and look for the ideal guinea pig. It does not appear to make a difference whatsoever pet store you go to; it seems that a lovable little guinea pig will always be in the vicinity. It is important to gain some knowledge about potential pets before looking for one, and one fact that you might find interesting is that guinea pigs, sometimes known as cavies, come in a total of 13 different varieties. Because each of these 13 breeds has a distinctive personality and physical appearance, your choice will have a significant impact on the outcome. They are all the same size and should not weigh more than 32 ounces when they are fully grown. They all have a body form and style that are comparable to one another.

By a wide margin, the American Cavy is the most well-liked breed of cavies. They have a coat of hair that is extremely short and smooth, and they are considered to be one of the most elegant breeds of all of the canine species. They have a lot of personality, and because of this, they are great with youngsters and make fantastic pets. The picture isn’t complete without mentioning that the American Cavy has a roman nose, which is somewhat rounded.

The Abyssinian, also known as The Abby breed, is still another option. This breed is commonly referred to as having a rough coat. They are a wonderful breed of Cavy with a playful demeanour, and the circular fur patterns on their bodies, which are called rosettes, are symmetrical down the length of their bodies. The Abby comes in a variant known as the Satin breed that has fur that is very silky and smooth.

Then there is Teddy, a breed that grows in popularity all the time. Also one of the most unique of all cavy’s because of its fur coat. Very short and dense fur, the hair all over their body stands erect, similar to a small dog. Because of the cuddly features of the Teddy, it actually does resemble a teddy bear. These make great pets as they are relatively docile and gentle. A great pet for any child.

Finding the perfect guinea pig will lead you to the Texel breed if you are lucky enough. This is an extremely interesting breed. Long haired, in curls and ringlets of fur. These ringlets appear over their entire body including the underside and the forehead, although they do grow out as the animal gets older. The Texel has a short body and a short nose. They do not require grooming like other long haired Cavy’s, but their ringlets need maintenance. These are beautiful guinea pigs, filled with personality, and come in a huge range of colors.

Still finding the perfect guinea pig, well what about the Peruvian? Another long haired breed, beautiful, and elegant. This breed does require daily grooming so you will need to be able to schedule this into your day. They are vibrant, and come in a large range of colors, with energy to burn. Because of the level of required care, this breed may not be the most suitable for young children.

When you have investigated the available breeds, and there are more than those listed here, it is important to take the time to finding your perfect guinea pig. If you can, find a local breeder and see if they can point you in the right direction. Always be careful with the information you receive from pet stores, as they do not always know the answers to your questions, and sometimes they are not too sure of the specific nature of some breeds of animal. There will be a local authority on Guinea Pigs, and they will help you in finding the perfect guinea pig for you.

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