Different Breeds & Characteristics Of Guinea Pigs

A lot of individuals are on the fence about which types of guinea pigs they will bring into their homes. Although the long-haired and short-haired breeds of guinea pigs are the most prevalent, there are a variety of other kinds of guinea pigs available for purchase. The two most frequent types of guinea pigs have long hair and short hair, respectively. The following is a list of some of the common breeds that may be found in most homes these days:

* Short-haired. Short-coated cavy has short glossy hair. They are commonly known as the American Guinea Pig. They are easily handled and petted without messing up its coats.

* Abyssinian. This breed of guinea pigs is known for their short and long rough coat, which has cow-licked rosettes of hair. They are also the oldest breeds of guinea pigs that you can found today. This breed needs attention to keep groomed.

* Peruvian. This is the progenitor of most modern long-haired breeds of guinea pigs. Most Peruvians have their hair folded up in wraps to keep it clean. They are most kept as pets and are regularly trimmed for ease. Their hair can grow to an amazing length of a foot or more. Their hair texture too is smooth and straight and tends to part in the middle and naturally hand in both sides.

* Silkie. This breed of guinea pigs is also known as the sheltie. They have long hair that flows over its back body but never on their face. In contrast to the Peruvian, their hair does not tend to part naturally down the center of their back. Their hair sweeps backward from their head.

* Teddy. This type has a dense and fuzzy hair that stands up. Their fur normally grows to a moderate length and generally compared with a soft toy more than any other breed. Actually, there are two kinds of teddy, the US teddy and the CH teddy also called as the Swiss teddy. These two appears genetically and visually different. Teddy breeds need not to brush for it will just make them showob.

* Rex. This breed of guinea pigs has short and fuzzy hair. This breed also looks like teddy but the two breeds are genetically distinct. Rex hair has uniform without rosettes and no more than half inch in length.

* Texel. This breed looks like silkie but they just have curls. This breed originates from England. Their curls should be tightly wound corkscrew curls and cover their whole body.

As you may have noticed, guinea pigs has hair and not furs like other animals. The breeds of guinea pigs only differ on their hair types and textures, which is long or short, straight or curly. Though there are many breeds of guinea pigs, only few are found as pets. Breeders find most guinea pigs that are raised as pets undesirable. Sometimes they just make breeds to be good companions regardless of how imperfect the breed maybe. But no matter what they say, these species can be a very good house pets.

There are various breeds of guinea pigs and it will all be your choice to what you would like to have. These little guys can be loving pets and give life to your home. Though long-haired breeds of guinea pigs are more exotic and can make good show animals, you just have to take care of them properly to raise them well.

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