Best Guinea Pig Toys (2023 Reviews & Guides)

Toys designed for guinea pigs are excellent playmates for other animals. Your caviar will never grow bored as long as it has toys to play with.

Guinea pigs come in a variety of forms and sizes, but they all have a lively nature despite their differences in appearance.

Finding the appropriate toys for your guinea pig may be a challenging and time-consuming endeavour, regardless of whether you are a new owner or have had your guinea pig for some time.

Since there are hundreds of toys available, the purpose of this essay is to assist you in making the best decision. Continue reading as we discuss which toys are the most suitable for guinea pigs.

JanYoo Guinea Pig Toys Chinchilla Hamster Roller Rat Chews Toys

Because it is crafted from natural wood, the JanYoo guinea pig set of toys does not pose any health risks to domesticated animals. The assortment of playthings includes an apple tree branch swing, a set of dumbbells, a climbing ladder, a seesaw, a unicycle, a bell roller, and a seesaw. Your guinea pig is going to have a great time playing with these toys for a good portion of the day. These toys are appropriate for a wide range of animals, including guinea pigs, chinchillas, rabbits, rats, and hamsters, among others.

These are the right assortment of playthings, both educational and entertaining, for the pet you have in mind. The drying process for the toys takes place at very high temperatures. They are risk-free, dependable, and handcrafted. Your hamster will have a great deal of fun playing with the wooden hamster toys, and it will get a good workout in the process. The apple tree block is constructed using only natural components. It is organic, has a pleasant flavour, and is free of any pesticides or other chemicals. The apple tree block has a high resistance to wear and tear. It does not matter how forcefully it is bit or chewed on; it will not come off. The guinea pigs adore the apple tree structure for some reason. They adore the sticks just as much as we do. This is fantastic for those who have pets and like playing with their pets’ toys.

Features & Benefits

  • Toys that are risk-free and entertaining for a wide range of animals, including guinea pigs, chinchillas, rabbits, and others.
  • Because it is crafted from natural wood, it does not contain any hazardous substances.
  • Your pet will be able to enjoy more active and healthy play as a result.
  • It is highly constructed, robust, long-lasting, and hardy.
  • Seesaw, swing, climbing ladder, dumbbell, unicycle, and little bell roller are the seven components that make up this set. Additionally, there is an apple tree block.
  • The Appletree block has a flavour that is inherently rather sweet. No insecticides; no poisoning
  • Every toy undergoes a rigorous heating and drying process.
  • Toys encourage playfulness in animals, which helps prevent them from being bored.
  • Playing with toys encourages the development of strong teeth in animals. They are appropriate for grinding one’s teeth with.
  • Every one of the toys is crafted by hand.

JanYoo Rat Chinchilla Toys Guinea Pig Accessories

Toys and accessories for guinea pigs and Chinchillas are crafted from wood that is natural and non-toxic. When the rat is trapped within the cage, these toys will serve to keep it entertained and prevent it from becoming bored. It promotes the development of the pet’s teeth in a healthy manner, which is beneficial. Because guinea pigs have teeth that are always developing, they need to chew toys to protect their teeth from being damaged.

Your pet may bite on a variety of different textures with each of these chew toys. Chew toys are crafted from safe, organic, naturally occurring wood that has not been chemically processed in any way. That means your guinea pig won’t get ill from eating it at all. Climbing, seesaw, swing, little bell roller, dumbbell, unicycle, and apple tree block are all included in the 7-pack gift set. When you have these toys and accessories around, there is never a boring time. Smaller animals and pets, such as birds, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rabbits, hamsters, rats, and even rats, are able to make use of it. There is no question in my mind that your rodent will enjoy playing with this assortment of toys. Because they are long-lasting and well-constructed, these toys will ensure that their children’s days are always filled with joy and laughter. To prevent your guinea pig from swallowing the bells that are included inside the chew toys, it is imperative that you remove them. For pet owners who really care for their animals, these toys are an absolute must.

Features & Benefits

  • Produced from healthy and untreated wood
  • Toys are safe to play with.
  • Toys to chew on are ideal for guinea pigs since their teeth are still coming in.
  • Appropriate for a wide variety of rodents and other small animals, including chinchillas, guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, and others
  • Reduces the likelihood of pets becoming bored when they are confined in their cages.
  • Toys are very tough, long-lasting, and long-lastingly durable.
  • Excellent value for the price
  • Assists in keeping the toys occupied throughout the whole day
  • Comes at an inexpensive price
  • Chew toys are unbreakable and impervious to deterioration of any kind.
  • Toys of a satisfactory quality

Living World Hagen Pet Tunnel

This is a toy that is designed for use with smaller animals. The guinea pigs will love playing with this item. Your pet will have a lot of fun playing with the toy, hiding within it, discovering new things, and napping with it. The entertaining tunnel will keep your cavie entertained for many happy hours. Because it is constructed out of polyester fabric material and has huge holes, it is very simple to clean. When it is not being used by the pet, it may be folded up and stored away in a convenient manner.

There are three entrances to the tunnel. There is one entrance on each side of the tunnel, in addition to another one located exactly in the middle of it. A spiral wireframe that is completely covered with polyester fabric serves as the basis for the production of the long cylindrical construction. The fabric is quite simple to clean with a damp cloth. When a pet treads on this fabric, it generates a crinkly sound, which adds a another layer of humour to the already entertaining situation. A tent may be quickly and easily attached to the tunnel by using the Velcro that is located on both ends of the tunnel. The tunnel has use both inside and outside of buildings. Guinea pigs and rabbits are excellent candidates for this food. It may function as a solo play area for either digging or tunnelling, depending on your preference.

Features & Benefits

  • Promotes fun, exploration, and play
  • Perfect toy for a range of toys such as ferrets, guinea pigs, dwarf rabbits, rats, chinchillas, and hamsters
  • Large opening for the simple navigation of the pet
  • Promotes fun, exploration, and play Promotes fun, exploration, and play
  • Promotes fun!
  • Excellent for digging tunnels and burrows.
  • It is suitable for usage both inside and outdoors.
  • Fabric is constructed from high-quality materials, making it simple to clean.
  • The apertures in the tunnel give a convenient means of entrance and escape.
  • A tunnel is the perfect place for games and adventures.
  • Simple folding and storage options
  • A comfortable den as well as a plaything for exercise
  • The cost is not unreasonable.

ZALALOVA Hamster Chew Toys

The ZALALOVA Hamster Chew Toys are completely safe for the environment. They are also resistant to bites, which helps to guarantee that your pet’s teeth will grow in healthy and strong. It is crafted from elements found in nature. Because the wood has not been painted, it is not poisonous and is suitable for use around animals. The toys are handcrafted using premium materials such as pine from New Zealand, fir from Canada, and bamboo from China. It is dried in the natural sun under careful supervision of the pace at which it dehydrates. There is a climbing ladder, a molar string, a seesaw, a squared molar block with rope, a bell roller, a unicycle, a dumbbell, bark watermelon balls, a rattan ball, and a bell swing included in each of the 10 packs of hardwood chew toys.

The hamster toys come in a variety of lovely forms and are crafted using advanced technology that prevents corrosion. The molar string is constructed entirely out of applewood beaches that have been certified as organic. Toys like this may be used with a variety of animals, including chinchillas, guinea pigs, rats, birds, and a variety of other tiny pets. Your guinea pig will be able to play and exercise thanks to the toys. These playthings need to be exposed to fresh air and sunlight if they are to maintain their natural state and resilience over time. Do not store it permanently in places that are always dim and wet. Because we don’t want your pet to be hurt, the rough edges of the wood have been sanded down and polished several times.

Features & Benefits

  • Nature flavour. The plaything does not include any kind of chemical in its construction.
  • Adaptable to a wide variety of animal species, including but not limited to guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, rabbits, rats, birds, and more.
  • Provides a happy and healthy outlet for the pet’s playtime
  • Made from specially chosen fabrics that are resistant to wind and rain and are carefully picked
  • The pet will have a space to play and relax thanks to the toys.
  • Use some water to clean things up. Do not rinse.
  • Toys are very eco-friendly
  • Produced using only organic and non-harmful components
  • Perfect for animals with a habit of chewing their teeth
  • This will help your guinea pig’s teeth grow in strong and healthy.

HOMEYA Pet Small Animal Hanging Hammock

This two-tier bunk hammock bed is just what you need for your pet if you are seeking for a solution to make better use of the space in your home. Your tiny animal will have a restful night’s sleep in the hammock bed designed just for them. As a result of their innate need to conceal themselves, tiny animals, such as guinea pigs, flying squirrels, chinchillas, hamsters, ferrets, hedgehogs, sugar sliders, mice, rats, parrots, and several other small creatures, find this place to be a perfect living environment.

The outside of the pet hammock is crafted from high-density canvas, while the inside is upholstered with cosy fleece materials. The hammock’s design is one-of-a-kind. Because it can be turned either way, any of the sides may function as the top. It may be worn throughout any time of the year. With the help of the four metal cage hooks, the hammock bed may be quickly and simply secured to the enclosure. The cleaning process is a breeze. It is possible to use a machine to clean it.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed to be washed in a machine
  • Offers a level of comfort that is unmatched for your pet.
  • Your pet will have a lot of fun with this hammock, and it will make them very happy.
  • Metal hooks make it simple to suspend from a rig.
  • The pet hammock offers protection against bites.
  • It is long-lasting, resilient, dependable, and dependable.
  • Large enough to accommodate a pair of guinea pigs
  • Product of the highest quality
  • Underneath the hammock, it performs the function of a hiding area.
  • Hammock that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing
  • It can withstand your pet’s chewing and offers great assistance for their joint pain.
  • The hammock is constructed in such a way that it may be hung from the cage.
  • The combination of a sleep sack and a hammock offers a great deal of flexibility.
  • Ideal for chinchillas, guinea pigs, ferrets, parrots, birds, flying squirrels, hamsters, gerbils, and other tiny animals such as birds and flying squirrels.
  • The hammock is efficient in terms of space.
  • Suitably gentle for the skin of your pet
  • The gorgeous pattern design seems to be enticing, and it seems to be appealing to dogs as well.
  • It is quite popular among animals kept as pets, particularly guinea pigs.
  • It is a wonderful present for your pet, one that will provide them hours of joy.

Buyer’s guide

How do you decide which toys are the greatest for guinea pigs? You will find assistance in our buyer’s guide. When searching for new toys for your guinea pig, it is important to keep the following considerations in mind.

  • Materials: If you want to get the most out of the toys you buy for your guinea pig, you should search for ones that are constructed of high-quality materials. This is of the utmost importance since the pet may be put in danger by some items. Because it fosters a strong connection with the natural world, working with natural materials like wood and hay is not only healthy but also safe. To avoid the risk of injury, you should avoid purchasing toys composed of materials such as plastic and metal.
  • Choose the right size: When shopping for a toy to purchase for your pet, it is important to take into consideration the size of the animal. Spending money on a toy that is larger in size than your pet is going to equate to wasted money.
  • Steer clear of toxins: Toxins include artificial paint and pesticides used in the preservation of wood used in the manufacturing of toys. Toxins should be avoided. These substances may have an effect on animals kept as pets. They may get ill as a result of the toxins. If you plan on purchasing toys at any moment, you should never get those that have been painted. The majority of producers utilise natural colouring, which is perfectly OK. Be cautious to check the product description before purchasing any toys made from wood to guarantee that they are not treated with any pesticides. Check to ensure that the chewing toys don’t contain any preservatives either.
  • Toys with rounded edges: Despite the fact that guinea pigs have a lot of fur, it is still important to keep them safe from injuries. Make sure the toy you wish to purchase has smooth edges so that your child does not cut themselves or have an eye injury from a pointed item. Toys that have points or edges that are too sharp pose a risk to dogs. It is a good idea to sand the edges of any cubicle toys that your pet will be playing with before introducing the toy to the pet.
    Variety matters – There should be more than one toy for a pet. Because of this, you need to make sure that kids have a wide selection of toys to choose from so that they don’t become bored. After a while, it might get tedious to look at the same same toy on a daily basis.


There is a wide selection of playthings available for your pet. It is recommended that you get a variety of toys to play with. By adding the JanYoo Guinea Pig Toys Chinchilla Hamster Roller Rat Chews Toys as well as the Living World Hagen Pet Tunnel, you will be able to provide your pet with a fully functional playground.

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