Best Guinea Pig Cage For 2 (Reviews & Guides)

There is no need to explore any further if you are seeking for the greatest guinea pig cage for two since this is it. This article will assist you in determining which kind of cage will work best for your pet. Children often keep guinea pigs, also known as cavies, as pets. Cavies are another name for guinea pigs. In contrast to certain other types of pets, such as dogs and cats, they are simple to care for.

However, in order to provide a high level of care for your cavies, you will need a high-quality cage that will provide them with a sense of security and comfort. This is the reason why a good cage is required.

The process of selecting the appropriate enclosure might be quite challenging. In this essay, we have attempted to simplify everything. Continue reading as we evaluate the top five guinea pig cages so you can make an educated purchase decision.

Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage by Midwest

The Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage can make your guinea pig feel safe and secure. This is an excellent environment for your guinea pig. It was created following extensive study into how guinea pigs eat, sleep, and socialise. The Guinea Habitat cage has been painstakingly created to keep your pet healthy, fit, and comfortable. The cage is large enough for your pig to feel at ease. It is 8 square feet in size and can be enlarged to 16 square feet with the addition of a cage. This will let your guinea pig to explore, socialise, and exercise. Cleaning and engaging with your pet becomes simple and handy when you have adequate space. The cage may be assembled in a matter of minutes without the need of any tools. The cage can house two large guinea pigs, providing the kind of environment and living area that vets and breeders suggest.

Features and Advantages

  • Quick and simple setup in a flash. No tools are required for setup.
  • Cleaning is simple and easy.
  • There is enough area for pets to walk about freely without being hampered.
  • Provides the 8 square feet of living area that vets and breeders recommend.
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage
  • Guinea pigs are safe and simple to reach because to their 14-inch-high sidewalls.
  • It has an easy-to-remove PVC lined canvas bottom that is leak-proof, washable, and long-lasting.
  • To prevent damage, the PVC coated canvas bottom offers traction and protection for the guinea pig’s delicate feet.
  • It is great for first-time guinea pig owners.
  • It is suitable for hedgehogs.
  • The cage is large enough to house two large adult guinea pigs.
  • The cage is resistant to chewing.
  • The cage makes it simple to feed the guinea pig.
  • Lock-in-place doors serve as ramps for simple entry and egress.

Lovupet2 Stories Rabbit Hutch Guinea Pig Cage

The two-story Rabbit Hutch Guinea Pig Cage will enhance your guinea pig’s lifestyle. The cage is made of fine natural fir wood and is coated with an eco-friendly non-toxic varnish. The coating makes the cage anti-corrosive, waterproof, and sun-proof, allowing it to remain outside for many years. A metal sliding bolt secures the robust front door near the sleeping space. It includes an upper level PVC plastic cover that is simple to clean and remove. This cage is made with dogs in mind, with a two-level design that includes a resting floor and a run floor, implying that one side is constructed for solitude while the other is meant for pleasure and play. To withstand pests and predators, the cage is made of sturdy fir wood.

Features and Advantages

  • The cage has two slip-out black PVC trays that are simple to clean and remove.
  • It has a closed door with a rotating bolt at the bottom to firmly secure your pet.
  • Made with a long feed trough to allow the pet to feed with ease.
  • It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • The cage is spacious enough to allow for both ventilation and exercise.
  • The cage comes together easily. It takes less than 30 minutes to set up. It comes with easy-to-follow assembly instructions. A screw gun and basic carpentry abilities are required.
  • It features a ladder to facilitate the mobility of tiny animals.
  • The cage is composed entirely of environmentally friendly materials.
  • After assembly, the cage is strong.
  • Designed to keep pests and predators at bay.
  • The top of the cage easily opens alongside the hinges.
  • The paint is safe for both people and animals.
  • Money well spent
  • Construction of high quality and durability

Living World Deluxe Habitat

The Living World Deluxe Habitat will provide some level of luxury for your pet. The Deluxe Habitat has everything you need for your animal’s safety. It’s ideal for guinea pigs, chinchillas, and ferrets. This is a hybrid cage with an upper wire frame and a plastic bottom foundation to provide your rats with a well-ventilated, safe, and pleasant home. With white wires sides and an arcing red wire top, the cage is attractively crafted. With the aperture of the wired top allowing easy access inside the cage, gaining entry is simple. The cage splits in two. The front wired door provides additional entry into the cage. A balcony with an access ramp is available. There is also a food dish that prevents the balcony floor from tipping over. The hideaway room under the balcony gives a peaceful, handy, and safe location for the pet to hide and relax. A drip-proof water bottle and hay guard are located outside the cage to reduce inside space and provide simple access when maintenance is required. The cage can be erected in just eight stages without the need of any equipment.

Features and Advantages

  • Safe, well-ventilated, and cosy
  • There are no tools needed for assembly. With four simple plastic clips, assembly is a breeze.
  • Excellent choice for rabbits, ferrets, rabbits, and chinchillas.
  • Simple to clean
  • High-quality wire is used for sturdiness and longevity.
  • Large enough to house two large guinea pigs
  • It has a fixed meal plate for convenient food serving.
  • Two top-opening lids make access a breeze.
  • The hiding chamber underneath offers a secure, peaceful, and comfortable area to slumber without being disturbed.

Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home (Dark Grey)

When you own a pet, you want to ensure that it lives in a pleasant and secure environment. This is the goal of the Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal. The cage can accommodate two guinea pigs and has a twisted knob clasp. It is not only for guinea pigs; it is also suitable for rabbits, sugar gliders, chinchillas, tortoises, hamsters, and other species. It is small and lightweight. The doors are large and secure, with a wire latch locking system. The two doors provide for simple access and exit. The mesh is snap-on and snap-off and is secured in place with six clips. It is lightweight, strong, and long-lasting. The cage has been tested to ensure that it meets the highest safety requirements. The cage is simple to move from one location to another. It is simple to put together. Simply follow the assembly instructions for a simple installation. Cleaning the cage is a stress-free experience. The cage’s design makes refilling exceedingly simple.

Features and Advantages

  • Lightweight cage for ease of use
  • Mesh is easily snap-on and snap-off and is secured in place with 6 clips.
  • Tightwire spacing prevents newborn piglets from forcing their way out of the cage.
  • It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.
  • Doors are equipped with a wire latch locking system.
  • Made of high-quality aluminium and plastic.
  • Appropriate for a broad range of animals

AmazonBasics Pet Habitat

The AmazonBasics Pet Habitat will keep your pet comfy and confined. It is tough and well-made to endure for many years of pet enjoyment. The rectangular enclosure includes an iron wire top frame with a PP plastic bottom border and base to give a comfortable, well-ventilated atmosphere with adequate viewing. It comes in three sizes: small, medium, and gigantic. This enormous size is also ideal for ferrets and can easily hold two large adult guinea pigs. The large cage is 48.6 x 26.6 x 20.6 inches (LxWxH). It is 18.7 pounds in weight. The top and bottom apertures provide you with complete access. When it comes time to clean or feed the rodent, the large-sized doors make it exceedingly simple. There is a secret hideaway underneath for seclusion and a brief sleep. The non-tip feeding dish is securely fastened to the cage’s balcony floor. Other attachments include a hay guard and a non-drip water bottle that is securely fastened outside the cage to prevent overcrowding the interior. The cage’s design facilitates greater viewing. The AmazonBasics Pet Habitat ensures the comfort of your piggies. Following the assembly instructions makes assembly straightforward and easy.

Features and Advantages

  • Simple to clean and refill
  • Built to be durable and long-lasting
  • Setup is quick and simple, requiring no tools.
  • Hideaway under the balcony for peace and relaxation
  • Guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, and chinchillas will love the jumbo-sized enclosure.
  • The front and top openings provide simple access to the cage’s interior.
  • Excellent value for money
  • Large enough for your pet’s comfort and wellbeing.
  • Excellent guinea pig cage.
  • Excellent design
  • It may be utilised both indoors and outside.
  • Enhances your guinea pig’s lifestyle
  • Made from high-quality materials

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the best guinea pig cage for two might be a difficult undertaking, particularly if you are doing it for the first time. Our buyer’s guide is designed to assist you in making an educated decision. When purchasing a guinea pig cage for 2, there are many variables to consider. These are things to think about when purchasing a cage.

  • Cage size requirements: When shopping for a cage, aim for something with at least 7.5 square feet of open room to house one or two guinea pigs. Running space is enough at 1.5 square feet. This necessitates the use of a rectangle or square-shaped cage that allows the pet to roam freely. A large cage is useful in several respects, including the fact that it does not become filthy quickly.
  • Safety: Another factor to consider before purchasing a cage is the demand for safety. Some cages feature free space, while others have ramps. Look for a cage with plenty of area for the animal to wander. There should be no mobility constraints. Small bird cages should be avoided. Small cages will simply keep your pet confined.
  • Simple cleaning and refilling: The cage’s frequent cleaning should be addressed seriously. This is why you should search for an easy-to-clean cage. It all comes down to the materials utilised to construct the cage. Steel tops that have been powder coated or PVC coated are very simple to clean. Make sure the cage allows you to simply replace your guinea pig’s food.
  • Accessibility: You should be able to get to the cage quickly. It must have at least two doors that open easily from the top.
    Cage bar spacing – Select a cage with a well-closed bar gap to prevent newborn guinea pigs from pushing their way out.


Choosing the finest guinea pig cage for two is simple if you know how many and how old the guinea pigs will be. There are several low-cost cages available. A excellent cage should be long-lasting and simple to clean and construct. Choosing any of our five evaluated cages is a wise decision.

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