Some fascinating facts regarding guinea pig care… and why you should not even consider buying a guinea pig until you have read every word of this blog!

  • Guinea pigs are prone to illness. In reality, most captive guinea pigs survive just a few months! However, most disorders are completely treatable if you know what they are and what medicine to give them.
  • Guinea pigs may live for up to ten years…but inadequate cage conditions cause them to get ill much sooner (find out the proper cage conditions below).
  • Guinea pigs flourish in cages that are “just right”…unfortunately, there is a lot of wrong advice about how to achieve this.

Have you just acquired a new guinea pig and are unsure how to care for it?

Do you have a guinea pig that seems to be unwell and losing energy?

Do you want to discover the finest, quickest, and simplest method to care for your guinea pig so that he lives a long and healthy life without spending a fortune on supplies?

If you replied “yes” to any of the above questions, this blog is for you! You’re going to learn a tried-and-true method for improving your guinea pig’s health and vigor. Whether your guinea pig is well or ill, this technique works.

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