A Safe Guide To Guinea Pig Mating [Instructions]

Guinea pig mating can cause a chortle or two. Male guinea pigs are aroused easily and at any moment. In captivity, these kinds of species should live in pairs. It is not advisable to adopt a sow and a boar together because they multiply rapidly. They have a high reproductive ability than other small animals. If you want to spay your pet, you can go to your vet and consult. Some problems with sow can occur in their growth period. The female guinea pig pet usually bred for the first time after 7 months of age. They can experience difficulties in giving birth and a caesarian section might be advice. Guinea pig mating is sometimes crucial, so you have to give extra care and effort to help them.

* Make sure that your pets are ready to get pregnant. First of all, you must ensure the health of your pets. Check if the sow is five months old at least. Make sure that they are not six month older, if it will be her first litter to prevent her pelvic bones to fuse together. You should make sure that the boar is also five months old and that both guinea pigs are reproductively fully formed.

* In guinea pig mating, you must introduce the couple first to each other prior for the female guinea pig to enter their season. Do this by placing the pets in a separate cage side by side. You must know that they have to see and get acquainted first to their smell before mating. If you do not do this, chances are they might quarrel and fight. Keeping them in a separate cage will prevent that to happen and will help them learn each other smell first.

* Check if the female guinea pig has already having signs of their season. You can do this by gently stroking their back and they will easily flatten down in their bed. They also make noise like purring. Sow will only be receptive few hours during the season.

* When the sow started to show signs, place the boar inside the cage and plan to leave them together for a month. It would be better to leave the pair in their cage and do not disturb them. The longer that they are together the more likely the breeding will be successful. Do not watch them mate or breed for it is rarity.

* Check if there are signs of being pregnant, you can do this by checking their middle body expanding. Begin to give her supplements that are rich in vitamin C.

* Remove the boar if the sow is already pregnant to avoid breeding again.

* Normally, guinea pigs will give birth between 66 to 77 days. Place an extra pellets, hay and veggies in their cage to keep them in good condition.

* Separate the boys from girls after four weeks.

Guinea pig mating can take stages so give time for the sow to be ready and to produce her babies. They can produce three to six young but normally 3 or 4 is the average number.

In captivity, guinea pig mating can be cautiously carried out. You can leave a boar with a sow for month and just be observant for some signs of fight and pregnancy. The actual guinea pig mating occurs some days in the season where the female is on its peak of estrus or heat.

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